Sunday 19 November 2023

Velocette Race Engine SOLD

This engine was built mainly by Dave Smith in Chicago some 12 years ago although many of the parts were acquired by me in the UK and carried out to the US during my working life.

The majority of the parts in this engine are new and have never been used in a running engine. With the exception of the carburettor and an ignition system, this engine is complete and includes all the smaller parts and fasteners. Although the engine is stripped for inspection and to take detailed pictures it has been built with the correct running clearances such as crankshaft end-float, ring gaps, crankshaft balance etc.

I have listed separately a Boyer Brandsden ignition system and 2 carburettors, an AMAL Mk 2 Concentric and an AMAL T5GP1 (both 1 3/8") that could be used for this engine.

All of the major components are photographed and briefly described below,


Manufactured by John Watson. These were designed to overcome a number of weaknesses in the original design,


New mainshafts, Carrillo rod, balanced to the JE piston (see below)


Cylinder Head

New Thruxton Head. Machined with a squish-band combustion chamber and to take additionally a 10mm spark plug. Fitted with lightweight valves (5/16" diameter stems) and springs/top collar from R - D Springs.

Barrel and Piston

Cylinder Bore is Nikasil coated. Piston from JE Pistons, California, low friction/anti-wear coating applied to the skirt. Total Seal Rings appropriate for a Nikasil bore.


Rocker Box

Lightened and Polished Rockers. Rocker return springs fitted.


Cams and Timing Gears

DH4 (David Holmes) Cam, lightened idler and magneto gears, needle roller bearings on camshaft and idler.

Timing Case,  Cam Followers and Tacho Drive + Connector

Polished and machined for tacho drive, cam followers lightened and polished. Standard profile on cam followers as recommended by David Holmes for DH4 cam.

Oil Pump, Pushrods and Tunnel, Timing Drive Support Plate, Intake manifold, Crankshaft Oil Feed Quill, Breather, Oil Pipes, O-rings, Fastners etc..

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