Wednesday 27 May 2020

Camshaft Drive Outrigger Bearing - K7

The last piece that needs making is the bearing housing for the camshaft drive. On the original engine this is an end-cap that is screwed down onto the 3 pillars. Here, it needs to be a more substantial structure with 3 “legs” to support the bearing as the original pillars no longer exist.

This was made from a solid piece of high-strength aluminium alloy, 7075-T6, on the lathe and milling machine. This is one of the strongest aluminium alloys known and is substantially stronger than mild steel.

The series of picture below shows various stages of the machining on the lathe and milling machine through to completion.

With the lip to ensure positive location and using high tensile (EN24T) 5/16” studs this arrangement is substantially stronger and more rigid than the original.

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